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The ideal Cottage for
small groups

Drawing of Aakrogen  
Room for max. 25 persons in the cottage + 6 - 8 tents on the campsite
Below you can read about:
The Aakrogen Area
The Cottage
The Aakrogen History

Aakrogen means the cove on the river (River Gudenåen)
Aakrogen is owened by 1.Silkeborg Group, The Danish Scout- and Guide Association.
The site was purchased 1940, and was for a number of years used as a campsite only.
In 1964 the first part of the cottage, containing livingroom and kitchen was built, giving the opportunity to camp at Aakrogen the whole year.
In 1974 the rest of the cottage, containing toilets and baths was added, and electricity and water was installed.
In 1994 the kitchen has been renovated totally.
We strive to make improvements continously, so that Aakrogen is still kept up-to-date, and expect the the users to take good care of the cottage and the souroundings, so that Aakrogen can still be an attractive site for weekends and summercamps, and a good base for scout activities in nature.

Position Aakrogen is situated at Svejbæksnævringen on the southern side of Gudenåen, between Silkeborg and Ry.
The camp goes right down to the river and is neighbouring a huge public forrest to the west. Trafic in the forrest according to certain rules - ask booking warden.
To the east Aakrogen is neighbouring the campingsite "Skyttehuset" (open may - september), and to the south is a private forrest, - no admission.
Map showing the position of Aakrogens at the Svejbæk Snævringen
Drawing of the Aakrogen area The Aakrogen area is 6000 m² and is a closed, forrest-encircled site. The cottage is placed on a plateau in the south-western corner, with a wiew over the rest of the site. Best camping-area is the western part of the site.
At the middle of the site, a big fireplace for campfires is situated.
Activites Aakrogen offers good oppotunities for traditional
scout activites such as:
* Pioneering - Laths in a limited quantity available on the site
* Woodcraft
* Water-activites - Rafting - Canoing
* Orienteering

Aakrogen is a perfect base for hikes to a number af
attractions in the Midjutland area:
* Himmelbjerget
* Sailing on the lakes to Silkeborg or Ry with Hjejlen - the oldest steam padler in the world
* Trip to Silkeborg:
  - Museum with the Tollundmanden
- Silkeborg Art Museum - Asger Jorn a.o.
- Freschwater centre AQUA
  Further informations at Silkeborg Turistbureau
Useful links
  "General information about Silkeborg"
  "The Hjejle-boats"
  "Silkeborg Museum"
  "Silkeborg Art Museum"
  "Silkeborg Turistbureau"
Drawing - plan of cottage
Kitchen Cooker with 4 gasburners, electric oven, refrigerator, deepfrezer, coffeemachine
Cutlery for aprox. 25 persons. Pots and pans
Bath/WC In each of the two separate rooms is a toilet, a shower and two wash basins. Hot and cold water
Dormitories Big dormitory above the living room with 18 matresses on the floor
Small dormitory above the toilets with 7 matresses on the floor
Living room Tables and chairs for 25 persons
Heating The living room is heated by a stove - firewood is provided
All other rooms has electrical heating.
Telephone There is NO telephone in the cottage
Traveling Picture of Aakrogen - summer Aakrogen is easily reached by cars
Train or coach to Silkeborg
Bus from Silkeborg to Virklund - walk from Virklund to Aakrogen - 5,8 km
The Hjejleboats from Silkeborg to Svejbæk Færge

Train or coach to Ry
Bus linie 311 Ry - Silkeborg - get off in Glarbo - Walk from Glarbo to Aakrogen - 5,1 km

Proviant The Campingsite "Skyttehuset" has a small store (open may - september) with a range of common food in limited quantities.
Food can be preordered.

In Virklund (5,8 km) there are two supermarkets - Daglig-Brugsen and Merko Supermarked
List with phonenumbers is provided together with lease for the camp

Booking Picture of Aakrogen - vinter The cottage and campsite is hired out as one unit and can be prebooked up to12 months in advance.
Lease and instructions on payment will be forwarded as soon as an agreement is made.

For booking please contact:

Mogens Hansen

Tlf: 21780406

Latest update 11-03-02